> I do it in paradise-2000, so it's obviously possible.  I'm not going copy
> my features for you, you'll have to write them yourself.
Alright I'm going to call you on this one.  If you have 2 cloaked ships
both named guest in nearly the exact same place (trying to bomb homeworld
is a likely scenario), how are you going to tell which ship is which based
on player name?  Client doesn't get exact position for cloakers.

> The only people who would want to use non-short packets are borg
> authors looking for more information and people with old clients.  The same
> clients that don't like message text getting changed.
Short packets give less information.  Most noticeably, ship heading.  Actually
I made a list, I've come across lots of short packet problems during my coding:

1) cloaking/shields at warp 0 doesn't update someone else's tactical on
what you did
2) observer sound messes up when someone flips shields at warp 0
3) Locking onto robot cause the observer sound to mess up for shields
4) Observers don't get any geno message at all (head to default which is
error message)
5) The new smooth turning only working on self, not obs or others - short
packets only send headings of 16 positions.

If you have any decent internet connection, there is no reason to use
short packets.  Unless you like playing with *less* information.

You packed a lot of ideas into those 2 sentences, going to have to disect:

Statement 1:
Borg authors would want to use non-short packets for more information

Statement 2:
People with old clients would want to use non-short packets for more

Statment 3:
Old clients don't like message text getting changed

I'd agree with statement 1.  Statement 2 I don't.  How is it an
advantage to use short packets on an old client?  At any level of client,
from 10 year old COW to today's active clients, short packets gives an
informational disadvantage.  Except for this one case I have pointed out,
phaser hit messages.  From the noobest player to the most skilled,
everyone who wants to be the best player they can be, wants the most
information they can get.  I'm not asking for borgish information to be
sent to client.  For example, if short packets sent ship heading to 255
heading but long packets only sent them to 16, that would be contrary to
the purpose of short packets no?  This case seems (to me) contrary to the
purpose of short packets - it punishes player for using long packets.

As for statement 3, I still have not found an example where this patch would
break an old client.. they all use strlen(text) to get length of the warning
message, and none have parsed the player name.