> > > What are you talking about, observer sound?
> > >
> > I added in more sound support for observers (they can now hear shields
> > up/down for the ship they are observing).  This is where the shield sound
> > problem shows up with short packets on.  Oh and I forgot to mention one
> This works fine in Paradise-2000, it must be a bug in your code.
Well it happens most noticeably when locking onto iggies, client plays
shield up sound, then shield down, then shield up in rapid fashion.  Only
when short packets on (so iggy appears to have shields down when shields
are up).  If iggy actually goes into repair mode (drops shields), the
problem stops.  Is client getting conflicting information about iggy
shield state - only thing I can think of.

> What I would do, is change the code in socket.c that checks for the 'lockout'
> flags that disable client input.  Make it so that observers don't get locked
> out.  Then the observer flag mask can be restored to it's old value, so that
> observers can see refit, war declare, and transwarp

Sounds good, will make it so we can let observers change players if they
are observing a twarper (currently they can't change until the twarp state
is over).

> Seriously, why only 255?  That means I can still one up you with 256 in
> the next version of Paradise 2000.

Well I convert the p_dir to radians and rotate based on that, oops I guess
I meant 256.

> What else is lacking, that a non-borg client can use?

I would like torp/plasma fuse info sent for torps/plasmas fired on your
screen.  You'd already know how long they are going to last, so why not
send fuse info.  I would use this info to determine which torp was most
recently fired for purposes of where spatially to play the 3d sound event
for torp fire (I converted all sound to SDL, can have multiple sound
events with stereo effect).