Sun May 21 22:32:46 EST 2006  quozl at
  * fix two second delay on client connection if daemon not running
  	Remove the two second delay experienced by clients that connect to
  	a server on which the daemon is not running.  Also fix a cause of
  	initial connection failing, which happens if the daemon does not
  	start up within the hoped-for interval.
  	Solution is implemented using the SIGUSR1 signal, but only during
  	the initialisation window between when ntserv forks the daemon and
  	the daemon completes initialisation.  The signal is not used at
  	other times.
  	* ntserv/daemonII.c (main): send a SIGUSR1 to parent process
  	(ntserv) once initialisation of shared memory is completed and
  	regular SIGALRMs are about to commence.
  	* ntserv/openmem.c (openmem): remove two second delay that was
  	used to hope for daemon to initialise.
  	* ntserv/openmem.c (startdaemon): add a wait for SIGUSR1.
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