> Until the 1st June release, I'm still requiring
> ChangeLog and NEWS
> updates.  

Okay. Attaching both dpatches here for your

> If you get someone else to do them, that's
> fine.  If it's in a
> separate patch, that's also fine.  If I really like
> the patch and want
> to make sure it gets in, I'll do the extra work
> myself.  If you want to
> remove barriers to your patch being taken, you can
> help by making it
> easier for me.

Dang James. U R a cool guy! Gotta meet some of you in
real life one of these days. 

Btw, although I mentioned that I fixed the "carrying"
then "taking" messages in the robotd.  It is only
partially fixed. There's another bug to do with the
_udcounter turning into a negative number which causes
the "taking" messages to disappear again. 

I'll have that patch (and others sent in), as soon as
I can verify this one has been accepted. (darcs get).
There's like 45 hunks to send out, and I'm getting
confused so I want to make sure it compiles and works,
before I send the others. 

Not sure how I can verify this myself.

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