On Sun, May 21, 2006 at 07:51:25AM -0700, Jimmy Huang wrote:
> ... Which is to input my relevant changes into the
> darcs file instead of changing the changelog file. 

Until the 1st June release, I'm still requiring ChangeLog and NEWS
updates.  If you get someone else to do them, that's fine.  If it's in a
separate patch, that's also fine.  If I really like the patch and want
to make sure it gets in, I'll do the extra work myself.  If you want to
remove barriers to your patch being taken, you can help by making it
easier for me.

> P.S. Anyone think it might be worthwhile to implement
> shortpackets into hadley's robots? 

If the extra information given by short packets is useful to the 'bot,
that's a good enough justification.  Network traffic isn't a
justification, as the bots are normally run locally.

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