On 5/23/06, Jimmy Huang <jimmyhua73 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I don't understand why you don't follow the style of
> > the existing code.
> > Hadley is very consistent in his use of three spaces
> > of indention.  Not my
> > faviorate number, but that is what the code uses.
> > This is very small patch,
> > it should take all of 30 seconds to go through and
> > check that the indention is
> > correct.
> Okay, I'll do that.
> I misinterpreted the STYLE document to meaning you
> change it to 4 space indent where-ever you change a
> block of code. In actuality, you have to change the
> whole function before you change the indent to 4
> spaces.

I'd much rather see 3 space indentation die horribly and get replaced
with a sane 4 space indent.

As such, I've been making plans for after a release of the various
codebases (cow, netrekxp, vanilla) all three codebases should go
through a 'cleanup'. Doing a cleanup will break all patches, so there
will have to be a post-release development freeze.

My desire:

June 1st: Release of cow, netrekxp and vanilla. Source tarballs
published, and repoistories tagged. All development frozen.
June 2-8: Volunteers go through codebases, file by file, and sanitise
the code. Would prefer one commit per file (easier to spot regressions
and back out changes).
June 9th+: All new patches required to apply cleanly against the new,
clean, source.

How do you folks feel about that?
Stephen Thorne

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