I was initially in favour of this, but now I'm not so sure ... mainly
because the recent development work has had me looking at older code
quite frequently!

I'm wondering what the benefit will be of standardised indenting.  I'm
worried that we're just creating work for ourselves.  The creation of
incompatibility with the previous versions of the code is a significant
cost, and as far as I can tell the only benefit of re-indentation is
enhanced understanding of the code when someone new looks at it.

What other reasons are there for reindenting?

If we don't do a mass indent, then we can stick to STYLE as it currently
stands.  That's my alternate proposal.

COW was indented after the fork that produced the current Netrek XP 2006
code base.  I was just going through defs.h for both clients today and
found COW had been tidied.  Some of that I'm tempted to restore to what
it was.  So if the tidy and indent done by COW years ago has had any
effect, it's to hinder a merge with Netrek XP.

Potential future merge for Vanilla is to the Paradise code.

I do see a need for adding prototypes.  I've successfully used cproto to
build per-file prototype headers.  But that's a different issue.

My 2c AUD.

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