On Tue, May 23, 2006 at 06:18:59PM +1000, Stephen Thorne wrote:
> The code is drifting between netrekxp and cow. I would really like
> both codebases to converge again. With many style differences, it's
> very hard to figure out what the actual changes are. By unifying style
> we make those differences smaller.

Hrm, yes.  But then we make it more difficult for any other derived
client.  We shouldn't just think of the current projects.

> > Potential future merge for Vanilla is to the Paradise code.
> Mm, have these codebases diverged a large amount?

Don't know.  Perhaps Rado would know.

> > I do see a need for adding prototypes.  I've successfully used cproto to
> > build per-file prototype headers.  But that's a different issue.
> Please commit these changes if they're workable.

These were committed to COW CVS yesterday.  They were only done to fix
compilation warnings in x11window.c.  Not a project-wide scope.

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