On 5/23/06, James Cameron <quozl at us.netrek.org> wrote:
> What other reasons are there for reindenting?

The code is drifting between netrekxp and cow. I would really like
both codebases to converge again. With many style differences, it's
very hard to figure out what the actual changes are. By unifying style
we make those differences smaller.

> COW was indented after the fork that produced the current Netrek XP 2006
> code base.  I was just going through defs.h for both clients today and
> found COW had been tidied.  Some of that I'm tempted to restore to what
> it was.  So if the tidy and indent done by COW years ago has had any
> effect, it's to hinder a merge with Netrek XP.

NetrekXP has been tidied too.

> Potential future merge for Vanilla is to the Paradise code.

Mm, have these codebases diverged a large amount?

> I do see a need for adding prototypes.  I've successfully used cproto to
> build per-file prototype headers.  But that's a different issue.

Please commit these changes if they're workable.

Stephen Thorne

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