Hi Trent, 

Glad you are finally on board darcs. 

I don't see the attachment here for the diffs or patch
file. Do you have a website or somesuch?


--- Trent Piepho <xyzzy at speakeasy.org> wrote:

> Here is a pile of patches for the robot.  Most of
> have been discussed here
> before, a few are new ones.  For some reason, darcs
> insisted that I include
> the glib Makefile patch in this bundle.  Just ignore
> that one or kill the glib
> patch I sent before and use this one instead.
> The patches, from oldest to newest:
> Rollback robotd-fixes1.dpatch, all these fixes will
> be re-done here, but differently
> Mon May 22 15:40:42 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho
> <xyzzy at speakeasy.org>
>   * fix mfprintf()
>   When mfprintf() was changed from varargs to
> stdarg, it wasn't done
>   correctly.  Fix this.
> Tue May 23 00:45:25 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho
> <xyzzy at speakeasy.org>
>   * adapt when assaulting
>   The assault planet code didn't re-check the target
> planet after the
>   assult started.  If the planet was taken by
> another player on a friendly
>   team, or modified by god, the robot would still
> try to bomb/take it, even
>   when that action was no longer possible.  The
> robot will now check for
>   planets is can not drop on, and abort the assault
> if so.  It will not try
>   to bomb planets it can not bomb.  It will also
> stop reinforcing planets
>   when they get to 4 armies.
> Tue May 23 00:49:46 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho
> <xyzzy at speakeasy.org>
>   * fix neutral planet check
>   Fix several bugs with check_take().  It didn't
> handle the case when no
>   enemy planets were left.  It looked at the last
> enemy planet in the list,
>   rather than the target enemy planet when deciding
> if it should take neut
>   planets.  It would skip looking for neuts when it
> found an enemy agri and
>   _didn't_ have enough armies to take it.
>   Now it handles no enemy planets left.  It only
> skips looking for neut
>   planets in preference of enemy planets if it has
> found an enemy agri and
>   it _does_ have enough armies to take it.  In that
> case, the agri take
>   will take precedence.
> Tue May 23 00:55:48 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho
> <xyzzy at speakeasy.org>
>   * fix closest_planet
>   closest_planet() would usually return NULL every
> other time it was
>   called.  For speed, it would check the previous
> closest planet first,
>   then look for a _closer_ planet.  If it didn't
> find one, it returned
>   NULL, rather than the previous (and current)
> closest planet (which
>   it now returns).
> Tue May 23 01:00:23 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho
> <xyzzy at speakeasy.org>
>   * fix crash in RCD generation
>   The code to generate the RCD message didn't handle
> the case when there
>   were no visible friendly and/or enemy ships.  In
> this case,
>   _state.closest_{e,f} would be NULL.  Do what
> clients do in this case, and
>   use me->p_no when no suitable other player is
> known.
> Tue May 23 01:08:45 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho
> <xyzzy at speakeasy.org>
>   * fix use of un-initialized variable
>   Fix a warning about a un-initialized use of pldist
> in update_players().
>   It didn't matter, but fix the warning anyway.
> Tue May 23 01:54:09 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho
> <xyzzy at speakeasy.org>
>   * fix calls to req_cloak_off()
>   Some calls to req_cloak_off() were missing the
> function's argument
>   (reason string).
> Tue May 23 03:08:06 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho
> <xyzzy at speakeasy.org>
>   * fix res danger
>   The check for res danger would make the robot
> cloak when near _any_ home
>   planet, so it would cloak even when bombing it's
> own core.  Unfortunately,
>   it is not possible to tell from the planet flags
> whose home world a
>   planet is.  Changed the code to only check the
> normal home planet
>   indexes, skipping it's own HW, for proximity. 
> This makes the code much
>   smaller and faster.  Realistically, the HWs are
> always at the standard
>   indexes, even with non-standard planet layouts. 
> Included a bit of code,
>   #if'ed out, that will find home worlds by name,
> the way the bot does when
>   it wants to refit.
> Tue May 23 04:09:21 PDT 2006  Trent Piepho
> <xyzzy at speakeasy.org>
>   * torp dir for robot
>   Hadley's bot expects to get torp direction from
> the server, but the
>   server only sends it for your own torps.  Someone
> probably changed this
>   years ago to combat borgs.  Changed back to send
> it for other
>   torps too.  Without it, the bot thinks all torps
> are going straight up,
>   making it a very bad dodger (unless you attack
> from below).
>   This should be fixed to only turn this on for the
> robot, so as not to
>   help borgs.  This will have to wait on a better
> way to detect robots.
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