On Tue, 23 May 2006, Jimmy Huang wrote:
> I got a "bad patch bundle" error message.
> Did you by any chance do a
> darcs send -o patch.dpatch
> and then manually edit the file? There's a hash check
> at the end that will fail if you do this.

No, didn't do that.  I just re-made the patch, and it's exactly the same as the
file I sent before.  Maybe it was the size, I got a message from the list
software that my message was too big.

> Okay, the above sequence is a pain. But, I have yet
> find a better way.

I think the way each patch builds on the changelog is preventing
darcs from letting us select individual patches.  It seems like,
every patch depends on all previous patches.  This is clearly unsustainable.