Okay, this is weird. 

darcs won't let me send the newbie fixes, unless I
also send the robotd-udcounter patch along with it. 

Probably because I changed the changelog twice!

Anyways, both patches are in here, even though it only
says newbie-fixes.dpatch. 

Also, only one file has changed, it's newbie.c 

I can also re-send without the changed changelog. 

Any guidance will be helpful. 


P.S. Hey James, here are the fixes you are waiting

Unfortunately, after fixing them I found another bug,
which is the t-mode setting for newbie.c is hardcoded
into 4 vs. 4.  

I think for now, I'll just change the INSTALL.newbie
file to make sure that the person running the newbie
server knows he needs a t-mode setting of 4 and not
anything else. 


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