On Tue, May 23, 2006 at 07:44:37AM -0700, Jimmy Huang wrote:
> darcs won't let me send the newbie fixes, unless I
> also send the robotd-udcounter patch along with it. 
> Probably because I changed the changelog twice!

Yes.  As I said before, until the end of the month try to record your
ChangeLog and NEWS entries in a different patch.  This will help with
merging them.  After the end of the month, we don't want ChangeLog and
NEWS files changed by patches, unless you're the release engineer.

> P.S. Hey James, here are the fixes you are waiting
> for! 

Taken, thanks.

"newbie-fixes.dpatch changelog conflict resolution" pushed to 
http://james.tooraweenah.com/darcs/netrek-server/ suggest you pull.

> I think for now, I'll just change the INSTALL.newbie
> file to make sure that the person running the newbie
> server knows he needs a t-mode setting of 4 and not
> anything else. 

Saw that.  Perhaps it would be better to prepare the sysdef and other
files for a newbie server ahead of time, so that the installation
instructions need only say "use this file" or "use this make target".

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