I got a "bad patch bundle" error message.

Did you by any chance do a 

darcs send -o patch.dpatch

and then manually edit the file? There's a hash check
at the end that will fail if you do this. 

Patch bundle hash:

Instead, do a "darcs whatsnew." It will give you a
list of changes you made so you can type it into the
darcs file, and not have to go back and edit it. 

Or, if U are like me, and have tons of changes, but
only want to send a few at a time... 

darcs record
darcs send -o temp.file
darcs unrecord
darcs record (this time referring to the temp.file)
darcs send-o real.file

e-mail file with attachment.

Okay, the above sequence is a pain. But, I have yet
find a better way. 


--- Trent Piepho <xyzzy at speakeasy.org> wrote:

> On Tue, 23 May 2006, Trent Piepho wrote:
> > Here is a pile of patches for the robot.  Most of
> have been discussed here
> Ok, the actual patch this time.> 
> New patches: