On Tue, May 23, 2006 at 12:44:37PM +1000, Stephen Thorne wrote:
> As such, I've been making plans for after a release of the various
> codebases (cow, netrekxp, vanilla) all three codebases should go
> through a 'cleanup'. Doing a cleanup will break all patches, so there
> will have to be a post-release development freeze.
> My desire:
> June 1st: Release of cow, netrekxp and vanilla. Source tarballs
> published, and repoistories tagged. All development frozen.
> June 2-8: Volunteers go through codebases, file by file, and sanitise
> the code. Would prefer one commit per file (easier to spot regressions
> and back out changes).
> June 9th+: All new patches required to apply cleanly against the new,
> clean, source.
> How do you folks feel about that?

I would think that it would be easier for one person to use a code
formatter to reformat all the files initially.  You could then have
volunteers go through and review the reformatted code afterwards.  This
would seem much less error prone than having developers manually go
through each file and sanitize the code.

If you would like to reformat the code this way but aren't very
comfortable with using reformatters, I'd be happy to do the initial
legwork of creating the baseline.  It shouldn't take more than half an