> > Whoa. I thought if Hadley's bot didn't get torp
> > direction information, it did try to deduce it.
> Did I
> > miss something in the code?
> Nope.  I discovered this when I was trying to get
> the bot the play with
> ping-pong plasma.  It would usually just let itself
> get smacked.  I finally
> figured out that the dodge code thought all torps (&
> plasma) were going in
> direction 0, straight up.
> Haven't you noticed that the bot really sucks are
> dodging torps?  The iggy
> bots are much simpler Hadley's bot, but they are far
> harder to hit.

Yeah, after you wrote your message,and I typed in
mine. I did notice that if you are Rom in a Rom vs.
Fed game. It is MUCH EASIER to kill a robot. 

Since I usually like playing Fed in Fed vs. Rom, I
never really noticed ;-P. 

I once munged the change course function completely,
and really didn't notice the bots fighting any
differently!!! It was then, I realized something.
(Don't fly in straight lines, it makes you a much less
easier target!). 

It's a good catch to notice that the dodge code isn't
working right.