--- James Cameron <quozl at us.netrek.org> wrote:

> On Wed, May 24, 2006 at 12:58:33AM -0700, Jimmy
> Huang wrote:
> > Although I don't understand how to use this
> > function...  I went ahead and replaced every
> instance
> > of mprintf with mfprintf(sterr,"foo\n");
> But why?

Only for testing purposes. Since I don't understand
it. I blackbox it, and send it through a torture test.

No permanent changes to the robotd code. All changes
were already wiped out here locally. 


> mfprintf is for reporting messages to stderr, which
> is not buffered, and
> is expected to contain errors or other failures.
> The deliberate difference seems useful.  Making it
> all the same just
> eliminates that useful difference.

I understand there's a usefulness to it (though don't
know how I personally can take advantage of it), and
don't plan to change it. 

> > Ran the program through a debugger, and robotd has
> > been running fine for about an hour now. Things
> print
> > out on the screen just fine. 
> Wouldn't this break any scripts that are watching
> stdout?  Why do it?

Don't know of any scripts. 

> No worries, I know how it goes.  I get the same
> thing happening.  It
> *will* give us a chance to settle the code and do
> some testing.  ;-)

There's some changes that Trent put out that are
totally awesome. He improved the bombing/taking logic
even more than what I did. And also, fixed the dodge
code by changing something in the server. 

Gotta manual patch his patch and check it out.