On Wed, May 24, 2006 at 12:58:33AM -0700, Jimmy Huang wrote:
> Although I don't understand how to use this
> function...  I went ahead and replaced every instance
> of mprintf with mfprintf(sterr,"foo\n");

But why?

mprintf is for reporting messages to stdout, which is buffered, and is
expected to contain diagnostic output if any.

mfprintf is for reporting messages to stderr, which is not buffered, and
is expected to contain errors or other failures.

The deliberate difference seems useful.  Making it all the same just
eliminates that useful difference.

> Ran the program through a debugger, and robotd has
> been running fine for about an hour now. Things print
> out on the screen just fine. 

Wouldn't this break any scripts that are watching stdout?  Why do it?

> In other news, the workload at work has been getting
> hectic and things are breaking left and right. So you
> may suddenly not hear from me.  And it may mean I will
> disappear for a couple of weeks (at least from
> developing code). 

No worries, I know how it goes.  I get the same thing happening.  It
*will* give us a chance to settle the code and do some testing.  ;-)

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