On 5/25/06, William Balcerski <williamb at its.caltech.edu> wrote:
> I'm gonna sorta miss the robots that act all dumb, it was actually fun in
> a way to play against them with such bad AI.  And it might even be
> more useful for a newbie who is just as clueless to play against such
> robots.  Could there be a way to tone down robot AI (not just dogfighting
> skill) with a sysdef option?

I too find this frustrating.

Things that I've found that make the robots easier to play against,
but it's really just redefining your playing style, which is really

Cripping enemy ships instead of killing them, only ever running around
with 1 kill, commit suicide or run away if you get more than 4 kills
(by accident), do takes in multiple runs or by following your own
bots, stuff like that.

I'd really like an option, "don't send every single enemy bot to ogg
the player" :p

Stephen Thorne

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