This patch helps the robot deal with ping-pong plasmas.  It has code to deal
them already, but it doesn't quite handle the style of ping-pongs on the
server now.

This includes a change to the server.  It doesn't change the protocol, but
sends the client slightly different information when ping-pong plasmas are
turned on.

The second patch remove the res-rsa configure script, like the Vanilla one has
been removed.

Here are the descriptions from the patches, which I'm gzipping because they
are too large:

  In Ping-Pong plasma mode, a plasma changes teams when it is bounced.
  There is no way to send this change to the client, so the client doesn't
  know.  For example, if a player at peace with us but who we are at war
  with bounces our (or a teammate's) plasma back at us, it appears to the
  client that the plasma is friendly.  But really, it's not, since we are
  at war with the plasma's new team.  Fix this by setting the plasma's war
  flag if the player is hostile to the plasma's team.

  In order to take advantage of this, clients will need to be sure to:
  1. Not assume that the player's own plasma is friendly.
  2. Not assume that plasma from the player's team is friendly.
  3. Make sure the check the plasma's war flags, and not the flags of the
  player who fired it.

  The robot has code to deal with Ping-Pong plasma, but it's an old
  version.  It doesn't work properly with the current ping pong plasmas,
  written by Trent Piepho in 1995 (so the old ones are really old!).
  Basically, the bots needs to allow for plasma fired by a friendly player
  becoming hostile to it.

  Also sets the pl_team member of the plasma struct, which makes getting
  the plasma's team easier.
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