On 5/25/06, Stas Pirogov <keyos at keyos.org> wrote:
> Dunno if this is only Solaris, but any darcs diff operation returns me
> following:
> darcs: /tmp/new-netrek-server: setCurrentDirectory: does not exist (No such file or directory)
> The repository is located under /home/darcs/netrek-server, so I don't
> understand where this /tmp... comes from.

Astounding, file a bug. Please

> So I can only darcs annotate (per file) which is annoying.

darcs annotate sucks. I'm very close to having a replacement done.
(python wrapper)

> Moreover comparing Haskell (darcs) installation versus Python (mercurial)
> is very easy: Haskell -10 : Python +10
> Python wins :)

I agree.

> BTW, I installed mercurial yesterday and have only positive experience
> up to now. Created repository, edited, cloned, committed, diffed -
> everything works like a charm.
> And it's robust, and ... wait, I begin feeling like salesman. Nevermind.

This is a serious suggestion. Download tailor, and use tailor to sync
a merucial repo with a darcs repo. See how it goes. You can use tailor
2-way if you're brave.

Stephen Thorne

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