On Thu, 25 May 2006, James Cameron wrote:

> I've read the MajorFeatures page and the main page, and I agree, it
> looks appealing.  I'll consider it after a few more months with darcs,
> because at the moment the only significant problem I'm having with darcs
> is the performance presumably due to ChangeLog.  In other ways, darcs
> is doing fine for me.

Well my major problem these days is that I can't normally diff versions
of the repositories. And I couldn't find any 'cvs log' alternative.

Dunno if this is only Solaris, but any darcs diff operation returns me 

darcs: /tmp/new-netrek-server: setCurrentDirectory: does not exist (No such file or directory)

The repository is located under /home/darcs/netrek-server, so I don't 
understand where this /tmp... comes from.
So I can only darcs annotate (per file) which is annoying.

Moreover comparing Haskell (darcs) installation versus Python (mercurial) 
is very easy: Haskell -10 : Python +10
Python wins :)

BTW, I installed mercurial yesterday and have only positive experience
up to now. Created repository, edited, cloned, committed, diffed - 
everything works like a charm.

And it's robust, and ... wait, I begin feeling like salesman. Nevermind.

Think faster :) Couple more months with darcs and I'll have ulcer.


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