Here is the "fix" to make the robots dumber in newbie

Modified newbie.c so that Merlin now sends in the
robots and makes the robots read a command file before
starting up. 

Modified INSTALL.Newbie with instructions on how to
make such a command file and test it out. There's no
limit on hm. You can put hm 100 and really watch the
robots turn into dumb zombies. (Pretty boring

2 patches here to keep my sanity. 1 for the changes in
code. And 1 for the Changelog. 

I'm not sure I want to put in a news item, as this
feature has been in the very first newbie server I
have seen back 3+ years ago. The code somehow got


P.S., next to write is the "ogg_pesky_humans" toggle
in the robots, so people can turn it off ;-P. 

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