There's "bugs" in this patch. 

I took away the "INL" mode. But it turns out, this is
the mode that makes it so the bots don't listen to the
other players in the game. I thought the "blind" mode
did that. But apparently it does something else. 

Now you can type in commands and the bots listen to

James, your choice. Either don't apply the patch, and
I'll fix it completely and resend, or apply the patch
and I'll go back and fix it. 


--- Jimmy Huang <jimmyhua73 at> wrote:

> Okay, 
> Here is the "fix" to make the robots dumber in
> newbie
> mode. 
> Modified newbie.c so that Merlin now sends in the
> robots and makes the robots read a command file
> before
> starting up. 
> Modified INSTALL.Newbie with instructions on how to
> make such a command file and test it out. There's no
> limit on hm. You can put hm 100 and really watch the
> robots turn into dumb zombies. (Pretty boring
> actually)
> 2 patches here to keep my sanity. 1 for the changes
> in
> code. And 1 for the Changelog. 
> I'm not sure I want to put in a news item, as this
> feature has been in the very first newbie server I
> have seen back 3+ years ago. The code somehow got
> lost. 
> Jimmy
> P.S., next to write is the "ogg_pesky_humans" toggle
> in the robots, so people can turn it off ;-P. 
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