On 5/30/06, James Cameron <quozl at us.netrek.org> wrote:
> Someone has proposed:
> "... rank be available when stats are four grades below those required
> (if not generally, then at least for Admiral).  As per the standard
> description, if your stats are one below the cutoff, then 2x DI is
> required to achieve the higher rank."

There are many with many magnitudes the DI but due to stats never get
rank. Somne learn faster than others and while learning this was
reflected in relatively poor stats which can make achieving higher
level ranks near impossible. Perhaps we could allow promotion at 3xDI
with stats -2.5 and 4xDI with stats -2.0 and 5xDI with stats -1.5 so
it is not just based on a whole number factor.