I've been running a newbie game with virutally all
robots for the past 24+17 hours. 

settings are:
hm 0

No SIGSEV's so far, so the code is quite stable now. 

However, I think there's still room for improvement. 

1. I noticed that the robots are not correctly
tracking who carries and who does not. It seems there
is a change in server code. This flag is no longer
sent PFORBIT. The robots use these and
PFBEAMUP/PFBEAMDOWN to see who is carrying. The
minimum needed for the code to work right is PFORBIT -

Anyways, we have 2 choices, make the bots smarter so
they don't need the player flags. Or change the robotd
code. Quozl, what's your preference?

2. Actually, since the bots don't know they all carry,
it's been great, as planet takes have been happening
left and right. Genocides have been happening every 4
hours or so. 

But in truth, the bots suck at taking, and once this
is fixed, their planet taking stats will take a nose
dive.  Geno's will rarely occur. I am thinking about
adding a toggle switch, for logic so that bots will
not mark other bot carriers for ogging. It will be
configurable, the way the other logic I added is
configurable... What do you think? Would this code
change be accepted into the repository?

3. Trent fixed the dodging of the robots by making the
server send over torp direction information to the
robots (and other clients). We can modify the robot
code so, it deduces the torp direction if the server
doesn't send it. Is this worth coding? 

4. Also, I am quite impressed with the robot's blind
dodging capabilities, that I think I would like to add
a toggle switch (dumbing down the bot), so it does
blind dodging as in before. (Make the bots easier to
fight against). 

5. Found a race condition, where if the robot wants to
refit, and his homeworld is taken over, he does some
weird stuff on the homeworld until he blows up on his
own planet. After he comes back in, it's all good as
he comes back in as the ship he wanted to come in
as.... This should be fixed. 

6. Got a server load spike up to 0.50 occassionally
(usually around 0.01) now that the dodge code is
fixed! But they dodge really well now. I don't even
torp anymore.  I phasor those guys to death. Work on
optimizing the code or wait for faster computer? This
is on an Athlon Xp1800.