--- Zach <netrek at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Can't you also rank with 4x DI and stats two below
> and 8x DI and three below?
> > 16x DI for 4 below, that's a lot of hours!  320 DI
> * 16 = 5120 / 5 stats =
> > 1024 hours.  I think Chewbaca has that many, I
> added a feature to Paradise
> > 2000 because he had >1000 hours and made the
> player list columns not line >up.
> Fisher has over 5,000 DI on continuum.


I think whomever is asking for this change should just
be promoted to Admiral when he requests it of the
server god. And the server god should look at it from
a case to case basis. 

I don't think the server should automatically do this.
You don't automatically promote the janitor of a
company to CEO just because he's worked there longer
than everyone else. 

8x DI should be the limit, that's just my opinion at