netrek-server-vanilla 2.11.1 was released today, with some more
significant changes.
cdd1f3765b4d420a1d5992cbf650b889  netrek-server-vanilla-2.11.1.tar.gz

Summary of changes: (from NEWS)
- fix CHAOS torp detonation which was allowing wtemp [Balcerski}
- add experimental future support for slot number change [Cameron]
- added toggle switches to new ogging and carrier tracking logic [Huang]
- remove res-rsa/configure [Piepho]
- help bot deal with ping-pong plasma [Piepho]
- help client with plasma war in ping-pong mode [Piepho]
- deprecate dan quayle in t-mode messages [Balcerski]
- server sends torp direction, robots dodge better [Piepho]
- make robots cloak near enemy home planets due res danger [Piepho]
- make robots take neut planets once there are no enemy planets [Piepho]
- make robots recognise planet situational change while assaulting [Piepho]
- various robot fixes that triggered comprehensive work by others [Huang]
- fix lack of shields shown on practice robots and iggies [Cameron]
- fix two second delay on client connection if daemon not running [Cameron]
- add game pause/resume/terminate tool, setgame [Cameron]
- add max duplicate ip count for pickup play [Cameron]
- add install-ntserv target for live updates [Cameron]
- mute banned observers [Cameron]
- add team configuration tool, setteam [Cameron]
- prevent hung slots by changing ghostbust timer reset method [Cameron]
- newbie random games against any non-diagonal team combination [Huang]
- enable CONTINUOUS_MOUSE by default [Cameron]

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