On 11/11/06, Narcis <narcis at luky.nl> wrote:
> I go away for a weekend of holidays and Apple decides to post the
> game on their website:
>   http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/games/action_adventure/
> mactrek.html sourceforge clocked over 3300 downloads. but i have not
> had much feedback, how's life on the servers been? are they crawling
> with newbies?
> It would be a great achievement if it would bring substantial new
> players to the game (and fun too) Next week i'll try to figure out
> the marriage between Xcode and CVS on sourceforge (sigh) and release
> the code i a way that everybody that likes can contribute. Probably
> need to add a developer guide of some sort too, Doxygen is fun, but
> not really readable.

Nope. I haven't noticed a great influx of new players. Everyone is
still flocking to the sturgeon server. Be nice if we can get games
going on a bronco server again such as continuum. Bob/James can you
run pre-T bots on continuum to entice players?