On Sat, Nov 11, 2006 at 11:03:46PM +0100, Narcis wrote:
> I go away for a weekend of holidays and Apple decides to post the  
> game on their website:
>   http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/games/action_adventure/ 
> mactrek.html sourceforge clocked over 3300 downloads. but i have not  
> had much feedback, how's life on the servers been? are they crawling  
> with newbies?

	Not that I have seen.  I have talked with two people that
	are using your new client.  The only comment that I have
	heard regarding it is the supposed inability of finding 
	a help document or help screen showing the default

	Please note that I do not use a Mac and have no used your
	client; just passing along the single comment I have heard.

	Also please note that there very well may be many more
	people using the client on the twink server then I see on
	any of: continuum, pickled, pulsar-zone.  I do not play
	on the twink server so I have no way of gauging it's usage
	there; perhaps Bill can shed some light on it?

	That's quite a few downloads, I must say.  It's a shame 
	that the twinky sturgeon server has completely destroyed
	pickup; if more people were on continuum the chances are
	much greater that they could be taught the finer points of
	the game rather then shooting at silly 'bots and getting
	twinky 'upgrades'.

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