> 	Not that I have seen.  I have talked with two people that
> 	are using your new client.  The only comment that I have
> 	heard regarding it is the supposed inability of finding
> 	a help document or help screen showing the default
> 	keymap.

hmm, there is the manual and the settings screen, but i think they  
are looking for the 'h' key. I'll implement that asap. There are some  
other COW keystrokes that need to be implemented too (like Quit)

> 	Please note that I do not use a Mac and have no used your
> 	client; just passing along the single comment I have heard.

Of which i am very grateful, this allows me to improve.

> 	Also please note that there very well may be many more
> 	people using the client on the twink server then I see on
> 	any of: continuum, pickled, pulsar-zone.  I do not play
> 	on the twink server so I have no way of gauging it's usage
> 	there; perhaps Bill can shed some light on it?

I check sometimes, but do not see many more that usual.

> "I'm sorry but our engineers do not have phones." As stated by a  
> Network Solutions
> Customer Service representative when asked to be put through to an  
> engineer.

My internet line is down to 32kbs upstream since two months, but my  
ISP's engineers have
only phones, no email ...

strange world..