> I go away for a weekend of holidays and Apple decides to post the
> game on their website:
>   http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/games/action_adventure/
> mactrek.html sourceforge clocked over 3300 downloads. but i have not
> had much feedback, how's life on the servers been? are they crawling
> with newbies?

Hi Chris, as I don't have a mac I can't test a few things I'd like to,
specifically, does your client list netrek.warped.us or hockey.tamu.edu?
I was told it only lists bronco servers..which doesn't do much good these
days as all the games are played on either the hockey or sturgeon server.
If it is true that they aren't listed, what is the logic?  Shouldn't the
users have the choice of all active servers?

I will gladly turn off RSA on warped until you get the RSA issue settled
with your client, however if it's not listed on the client's server list,
there's not much point.

3300 downloads is quite impressive , with those numbers (if they are
accurate) I would have expected more players.  Of course, which servers
does your client connect to exactly?  Continuum has RSA last I checked..so
what are the valid servers these new mac players can actually connect to?
I think this may be the reason why we aren't seeing more players..

 > It would be a great achievement if it would bring substantial new
> players to the game (and fun too) Next week i'll try to figure out
> the marriage between Xcode and CVS on sourceforge (sigh) and release
> the code i a way that everybody that likes can contribute. Probably
> need to add a developer guide of some sort too, Doxygen is fun, but
> not really readable.
> regards
> Chris
One thing I should mention, I did not notice in the client credits any
mention of Pascal (Defcom) whose planet art you used, I think he should be
credited somehow.