> My feelings exactly. Nothing against Sturgeon
> (no matter how twinky it is :), but bronco is the heart of the game.
> We need a bronco bot server that is not pulsar-zone,
> and which the new mac users we hope will materialize
> can use (ie, without RSA).
Yup I agree, which is why I have asked repeatedly for continuum to have
pre-t mode on.  And maybe RSA off again (for the new client) would be a
good idea too.

> And I think the no-T idle mode hack is also important;
> there needs to be a way to hang out waiting for enough
> people to show up for a game without some twink dooshing
> you while you're doing email in a different window.
I added the no-T idle mode to sysdef option as a darcs patch a month or so
ago, it's in the latest vanilla source.

> (For those that don't know why pulsar-zone is problematic: it is
> tcp-only and the lag is vicious. No continuousTorps increases the lag
> liability, as well as being terrible for RSI.  As the only bronco
> server with bots, I'm concerned it will draw newbies who will then
> give up on the game because they don't know that the lag is atypical;
> if I won't play there, I'm rather unsure newbies would...)
Agree, pulsar is not a good server for new players due to lag.