Zach <netrek at> writes:
> As much as I appreciate Bill's and others efforts I think it would be
> an even greater achievement if we could get regular bronco pickup
> games going again! [...]

My feelings exactly. Nothing against Sturgeon 
(no matter how twinky it is :), but bronco is the heart of the game.

We need a bronco bot server that is not pulsar-zone,
and which the new mac users we hope will materialize 
can use (ie, without RSA). 

And I think the no-T idle mode hack is also important;
there needs to be a way to hang out waiting for enough 
people to show up for a game without some twink dooshing
you while you're doing email in a different window. 

(For those that don't know why pulsar-zone is problematic: it is
tcp-only and the lag is vicious. No continuousTorps increases the lag
liability, as well as being terrible for RSI.  As the only bronco
server with bots, I'm concerned it will draw newbies who will then
give up on the game because they don't know that the lag is atypical;
if I won't play there, I'm rather unsure newbies would...)