> You've placed the source up there, that's the best start.   
> Investing in
> source control management is something you can delay until you become
> burdened with contributions.

Still it would be easier, also for myself to keep of what i am doing :-)

> Agreed, they should have the choice of all active servers.  Let  
> them go
> where the players are.  If the players want features we aren't
> implementing on a particular server, then off they will go.

Are you referring to the FEATURES packet or to the general sense ? i  
had a
problem in the beginning which seemed to occur only on hockey servers
so i limited the selection. But will try to put it back in. I did not  
notice any
specific support for hockey in JTrek, but can take a look at the  
latest COW

>> One thing I should mention, I did not notice in the client credits  
>> any
>> mention of Pascal (Defcom) whose planet art you used, I think he
>> should be credited somehow.
> Agreed, please mention the people your derived work is derived from.

Of course, no ill intention, maybe lack of knowledge (or too lazy)  
They'll be
in the next release.

> Yup I agree, which is why I have asked repeatedly for continuum to  
> have
> pre-t mode on.  And maybe RSA off again (for the new client) would  
> be a
> good idea too.

Looking at RSA, but there it may take a month or two as i am  
extremely busy
with other things, and we _do_ want to keep the momentum
so that sounds like a good option.