Zach pondered

> 27 MB for a netrek client. Wow that must be a new record ;-)

Yes, mainly because the game does not uses a fixed resolution.  
Everything is stored in the game
grid and then projected with a variable scale factor to the screen.  
This mean that a ship is still 40x40 ?
in the game grid but may be smaller or larger then 40x40. The source  
bitmaps are therefore quite large

Also the theming allows for multiple sets of sounds (2 included), all  
required frameworks are static and
macos binaries are actually a PPC and intel bineary glueed together.

The bitmaps should also be reusable for NetrekXP since the have the  
same format......

> Hi Chris, as I don't have a mac I can't test a few things I'd like to,
> specifically, does your client list or  
> I was told it only lists bronco servers..which doesn't do much good  
> these
> days as all the games are played on either the hockey or sturgeon  
> server.
> If it is true that they aren't listed, what is the logic?   
> Shouldn't the
> users have the choice of all active servers?

Yes you're right i ran into some trouble in the beginning and show  
only bronco
servers, forgot to turn the hockey servers back on. I've added it to  
the tracker as bug.

> I will gladly turn off RSA on warped until you get the RSA issue  
> settled
> with your client, however if it's not listed on the client's server  
> list,
> there's not much point.

I think i get close to understanding RSA. i may need your help to  
test it though

> One thing I should mention, I did not notice in the client credits any
> mention of Pascal (Defcom) whose planet art you used, I think he  
> should be
> credited somehow.

Yes, will do so. I may have forgotten many others too. Feel free to  
enlighten me,
credit should go to those who contributed.