I've come across 2 issues with the autogenerated INL gamestat script that
require someone more knowledgable than myself.  First, the old statboys
email address (statboys at csua.berkeley.edu), to which INL stats are sent
if both captains register, is bouncing messages.  Anyone know who was/is
in charge of this email address, and any thoughts on what should be
done about it?

The second issue is that when I am sending gamestats to the stat archive
at www.netrek.org/stats/, it is not creating a new folder for my server,
even though I debugged the script to make sure that servername was being
defined properly.  The game stats are being dumped into the unknown
folder.  I believe the problem is in the script on the other
end (i.e. not on my end), so I 'll need someone like Dave Ahn to
look into this one if he could :).