On 11/13/06, James Cameron <quozl at us.netrek.org> wrote:
> I've not recalled any such messages from you.  I've checked your 23
> messages over the past two months and found none that ask for pre-t
> robots.  Maybe you got hit by the spam traps.  Do they appear in the
> mailing list archives?

Maybe. I've noticed other cases where mail from Gmail was marked
incorrectly as SPAM.

> I'm happy to enable pre-t robots.  No doubt the other purists will pop
> out of the woodwork and abuse me for it.  They did last time I tried.
> They were louder than the few asking for them to be enabled.

Cool. Some purists would rather have a 100% pure empty bronco server
too heh. Can't please everyone. My only goal is to see bronco pickup