Quoting William Balcerski <williamb at its.caltech.edu>:

> I'm interested especially in what the metaserver2 admins feel, and whether
> they would use this sort of preferred system in the future.  I have been
> telling players, especially those fans of sturgeon, to use metaserver2.

I have always felt that the metaservers should be editorially
neutral.  It should neither endorse, nor punish servers based on their
content. It should be a list of servers, and not a "list of blessed
servers" because blessing can be fickle.  Who's to say that sturgeon
won't be the resurgence of netrek?  Or what if hockey becomes popular
again enough to draw players away from bronco?  Will hockey be on the
chopping block next?

Personally, I don't care for sturgeon all that much, and would rather
play bronco over sturgeon, but de-listing sturgeon servers is forcing
my opinion on others.  De-listing servers is a death sentence.  If it
is not on the metaserver, it doesn't exist.

I went along with the robot/human count correction with minor protest.
I went along because it had a technical point that made good sense. I
was convinced by James that robots aren't humans, and shouldn't be
counted as such.

Unfortunately I am going on holiday in a couple of days for 2 weeks,
with little to no access to e-mail. I won't be able to participate
in any discussions very well.

--Carlos V.