> I'd like to think the preferance for sturgeon was a preferance for t-mode,
> even if it was twinky and had bots, over df-ing with one or two other
> people.
Yup as you said, always having T mode is a huge draw..which is why I don't
like that all the servers which always have t mode are now off the

> If the clients are soon to be able to make a composite list from
> multiple metaservers, then the policy change doesn't matter, right?
> Or am I missing something? I assume the client distros would have
> multiple metaservers built into their configs, yes?
Yes but it forces me to now work on the client enough to justify a
release, adding a new features to hope people will upgrade, then go beg
people to upgrade by advertising.

> I'm not sure I buy this. Continuum used to have daily T and full games,
> then warped came, and it had daily T and full games while continuum
> didn't. This says to me that the player base was not markedly different
> in size, though the bot/nobots issue does muddy things a bit.
Yup sturgeon had full games of humans, bots disappeared once human count
reached 12.  Since the delisting, continuum has had slightly more players
due to much more observers hanging out on continuum, that and there are a
few players who will play at continuum who refused to play at sturgeon.
But I've also seen regular sturgeon players who don't seem to be playing
on continuum.  Of course the players who happen to be some of the most
vocal whiners/complainers are in the first group, while the second group
is more newbies/semiclues who I'm guessing don't complain as loud.

> Has the new list not successfully generated a game?
> This week was only the second try, and it was the eve of the
> US thanksgiving holiday, which probably cut into attendance.
> Do we have any ways to find more former players and get them back?
No successful game yet, I'll keep calling em till we get one.

> including one with bots, so you can always play.
Ding ding ding we have a winner.

> >   d) Promotional efforts. Joe is basically the only who has done much
> >      on this and I appreciate his efforts.
> This should be first on the list!
Well Joe has done multiple advertising/banner campaigns, spending his own
money to do so..I haven't seen anyone else step up or come up with ideas