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> Yup sturgeon had full games of humans, bots disappeared once human count
> reached 12.  Since the delisting, continuum has had slightly more players
> due to much more observers hanging out on continuum, that and there are a
> few players who will play at continuum who refused to play at sturgeon.
> But I've also seen regular sturgeon players who don't seem to be playing
> on continuum.  Of course the players who happen to be some of the most
> vocal whiners/complainers are in the first group, while the second group
> is more newbies/semiclues who I'm guessing don't complain as loud.

	'Slightly more players...'?

	Fact: your server got delisted and playership on continuum
	went from none to having wait queues in a matter of roughly
	18 hours.

	And what does having observers on continuum have to do
	with active player slots?  Quick answer: nothing at all.

	And there are more then a 'few players' that will play
	on continuum but yet not go near sturgeon.

	The player base got split (for whatever reasons) when 
	sturgeon went online.  The player base is not large enough
	to be split and hasn't been for many years.

	Please note: this is not meant to be inflammatory, Bill;  I
	am simply stating facts.

	Do I necessarily agree with James' decision to de-list your
	server and the others?  No, not really.  I think it was a
	fairly draconian act to be done without any prior notice or
	discussion.  However, for those of us rallying to get
	bronco games going again the effect was positive and

> No successful game yet, I'll keep calling em till we get one.

	Hopefully at some point it will catch on - I hope so,
	in any event.

> Ding ding ding we have a winner.

	It's not just 'having bots'.  It's having bots that are
	worth playing against while you wait for humans.  The 
	bots on continuum need to be tuned up, they are extremely

> Well Joe has done multiple advertising/banner campaigns, spending his own
> money to do so..I haven't seen anyone else step up or come up with ideas
> though.

	As much as I hate to say this, I will: with the exception of the
	new Mac client the current client base has nothing to really
	offer newer players unless they are looking for a new retro
	game to play.  In this day and age most people expect more in
	the way of graphics and audio (as others have pointed out in
	this thread previously); areas that are seriously lacking.

	I will go on a PLATO advertising campaign and try to lure some
	of the current crop of Empire players over.  They are the
	single largest group I can think of that would be interested,
	considering that they are still playing the forerunner of netrek.
	Oh, I have said it while in the game, but I do not believe I
	have ever stated it here:  I personally thank Joe for what
	he has done as far as advertising and marketing for netrek;
	it has resulted in some new blood in the game and the fact that
	he did it on his own time with his own funds speaks highly of


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