> It's not just bronco vs. sturgeon, 
> it's bots vs. no bots. 

A while back, when quozl was experimenting with bots
on his server, I complained about why he was having
bots on continuum. 

The reason I did not want bots on continuum is that
they would ruin the stats, created mostly by real
people playing on continuum. 

I would not be against a "PRE-T" mode on continuum.
Where bots would be in the game to get a 4x4 game
going with planet taking and bombing. But the stats
should not be affected (well, except for kill ratio). 

When there's enough for t-mode. The bots should ALL
LEAVE. And t-mode begin. 

Then if there's not enough people for t-mode. There
should be a delay, say 5 minutes. then PRE-T

Optionally (though slightly against this), there could
be a galaxy reset when switchng between PRE-T and
regular t-mode. So the game can really start with a
new foot. Maybe we should limit the galaxy resets to
once every 2 hours (if there was a galaxy reset < 2
hours ago, won't reset again). 


P.S. I have crappy stats on continuum. But I wouldn't
want to see them magically rise because a bunch of
bots keep t-mode up 24x7.