> The reason I did not want bots on continuum is that
> they would ruin the stats, created mostly by real
> people playing on continuum.
> I would not be against a "PRE-T" mode on continuum.
> Where bots would be in the game to get a 4x4 game
> going with planet taking and bombing. But the stats
> should not be affected (well, except for kill ratio).
Planets and bombing stats do not get counted unless there are 3 humans on
your opposing team, and in the case of planet takes, there must be 3
humans on each time.  See all the calls to realNumShips() in daemonII.c

> When there's enough for t-mode. The bots should ALL
> LEAVE. And t-mode begin.
Well the way pret mode works is the bots leave 1 by 1 until there are 8
humans, and thus no bots left.  As for not having t-mode, well, the whole
point of pret mode is so you can take planets and bomb armies even when
there aren't enough humans.  And to do that, you need t mode, even
artificial, non-stat counting t mode.

> Then if there's not enough people for t-mode. There
> should be a delay, say 5 minutes. then PRE-T
> re-commence.
Yes this is exactly how it works.  As soon as you get to less than 8
players, it starts a 5 minute timer, if 8 humans aren't reached in that
time, pret entertainment starts up again.  If you reach 8 humans, it
resets the timers, so if you gain t mode briefly then lose it, it will be
another 5 minutes before pret can start again.

> Optionally (though slightly against this), there could
> be a galaxy reset when switchng between PRE-T and
> regular t-mode. So the game can really start with a
> new foot. Maybe we should limit the galaxy resets to
> once every 2 hours (if there was a galaxy reset < 2
> hours ago, won't reset again).
On changeover from pret to real T, there is a galaxy reset.