=- Andrew K. Bressen wrote on Sat 31.Mar'07 at 20:46:21 -0400 -=

> I've now started 
> http://wiki.us.netrek.org/netrek-dev/MarketIdeas

Thank you.

> Zach, please please use more paragraphs in your email; those
> huge blocks of text are mind-numbing to look at.

... and Zach: don't repost major parts.

> { Paradise } But I think it is foolish to put any effort into it
> until there are clients for something besides unix.

I guess you mean primarily windows, and there you're right,
such a beast would definitely help. (Paradise has run on
non-unix/-windows systems, I even read about mac).

> As Sturgeon demonstrated, we don't have enough players to
> support more than one kind of netrek right now.

I don't know Sturgeon, but let me rationalize about Paradise:
- newbies want to play for fun, that's the entry-level.
- when they enjoy it and need new challenges, they move to the
next level:
	- sportslike competition,
	- organized games with elite players,
	- eventually leading to organized league games.

Bronco is more like a sports game with all the high expectations
towards team-awareness and team-oriented playing styles, and because
of it's front-line enforced game play with little variation.

You can have fun with Bronco as newbie, but I believe Paradise is
more fun as entry-level, yet it still requires some structured/
team play to win (as team), just less so than with Bronco: you can
have relaxed fun (by variation) but slowly learn on your own the
need for team support (to cover all possible variations, you can't
do all on your own ;).
I can't compare with Sturgeon, since I've never been there.

I know, many new players who are still around have begun with Bronco,
but this is quite obvious without a Paradise server around. ;)

At least for me and several others (Zach, we know about you
already ;) who are stuck with Bronco now, the entry was Paradise,
and still we love Bronco, too, or we wouldn't be still around. :)

> And I'm not sure the newbies are even reaching a point where
> Chaos or Sturgeon would make much of a difference to their
> perceptions. Although wrap is kinda obvious.

Well, Paradise would be _a lot_ different, and more familiar to
the TV-show, if they've seen it and matters to some newbs.

> In regard to semi-retired players, I think once we get the tech
> pre-reqs in place and ramp up marketing, that we should make a
> concerted effort to get them back, even on a "let's try to save
> the game" campaign basis.

I know we need clue to raise new clue, but (semi-)retired folks
retired for private reasons: not because the game deteriorated,
but other interests have surpassed netrek.
I wouldn't put too much effort on this area, but rather let new
clue develop on its own.

> I think the clue games have succeeded because of scheduling;
> people who want a solid game are more likely to make a set time
> than to drop in.

Unfortunately this will keep some interested people out who just
can't make it to that time. Timezones and work suck. ;)

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