Rado S <regrado at web.de> writes:
>> { Paradise } But I think it is foolish to put any effort into it
>> until there are clients for something besides unix.
> I guess you mean primarily windows, and there you're right,
> such a beast would definitely help. (Paradise has run on
> non-unix/-windows systems, I even read about mac).

Macs have Unix underneath things these days, which is why the TT port
to OS X was possible. But... to your average mac user, it looks
terrible. They are used to things that are written against the mac
toolkits, not the unix toolkits, and the mac toolkits have a familiar
and consistent "look and feel" which is a main reason for people
buying macs in the first place.  And they look a lot nicer besides.

This is not to say that we wouldn't get any players, but we'd
be targeting a platform that has maybe a 10% market share to 
start with, and many of whose players would take one look at
the client and bail. In the absence of a windows client, 
I can't see focusing effort there; it's fighting with two hands tied
behind our backs.