has been broken for several days. Multiple  
people have emailed the admin to no avail. Currently it shows 7  
players, but most of those are duplicates of the same player and  
there's also a wait queue, even though the game is mostly filled with  

Since the admin does not seem to be active, I move that this server  
be delisted. There are other issues as well. Firstly, it's listed as  
a Bronco server, but it fills the game up with bots all the way to 16  
players with T mode active. That is not a Bronco server in my  
opinion. Secondly, it runs in Chaos mode with super-SBs and GAs on  
some days of the week. That is a Chaos server, not a Bronco server. I  
communicated with the admin a couple months ago, and he declined to  
change the type listing from Bronco. I suggested a listing type of  
"O" for "Other", just as the base practice server is. (We can  
certainly add client support for that later; for now it'll show as O  
or Unknown in clients.)

Finally, the server has serious lag, and I do not believe it should  
be listed as a public server. On top of confusing newbies with the  
permanent wait queue, if they do connect the lag could be very off- 

Here's an example from a few minutes ago:
17 (  37.852 ms   
39.077 ms  39.156 ms
18  * * *
19 (  38.359 ms  38.925 ms  40.847 ms
20 (  39.237 ms  40.005 ms  40.601 ms
21 (  976.298 ms  1018.486 ms   
1029.951 ms