On 4/2/07, Andrew K. Bressen <akb+lists.netrek-dev at mirror.to> wrote:
> With a few more regular players, maybe we can get to two per week,
> a 100% increase with twice the opportunities for people to
> work it into their schedules. Do we have many European
> players who don't play pickup but would play a clue game if it
> was in their daytime or evening?

The EuroTwinks mailing list is still around and anecdotally I see
still a fair bit of Euro players (+ assorted other non-North America
players). I think a Euro server would help them. If they can get their
own pickup scene going again it may lead to Euros again hosting their
own vs World clue pickup games. From talking to Euros that are not
oldbies most of them stumbled upon netrek by total chance. We need
more Euro centric advertizing. And more people in Asia are getting
broadband now. 2+ billion people is lots of potential trekers.