Rado S <regrado at web.de> writes:
>> In regard to semi-retired players, I think once we get the tech
>> pre-reqs in place and ramp up marketing, that we should make a
>> concerted effort to get them back, even on a "let's try to save
>> the game" campaign basis.
> I know we need clue to raise new clue, but (semi-)retired folks
> retired for private reasons: not because the game deteriorated,
> but other interests have surpassed netrek.
> I wouldn't put too much effort on this area, but rather let new
> clue develop on its own.

But for some of them, they drifted away ten years ago, and
now have an "oh, yeah, that was pretty cool" reaction. I went
to a wedding yesterday, and met someone who used to play.

We talked about ways to market the game. He suggested talking
to the MIT strategic games club and making sure that the MIT 
Athena systems have a current client on them. From his enthusiasm
level, I'm pretty sure if I called him and asked him to show up
three or four times to help demo the game and get newbs up to speed,
he'd do it for old times' sake. 

Two or three dozen people like that, even if they only help out
a few times, could make a difference. Netrek generates an 
emotional attachment in people; if we tell someone their favorite
college sport needs their help to survive, I expect we'll get
at least a few people. And maybe some of the ones too busy to 
play will send us some advertising cash. 

In one of Red Shirt's guides, he notes that he's retiring from
play because he sees himself becoming rude and abusive and doesn't
like it. How many players have left because they were tired of being
called names, tired of seeing people pissing on each other on the
team and all boards? Can we get even a few of them back? 

>> I think the clue games have succeeded because of scheduling;
>> people who want a solid game are more likely to make a set time
>> than to drop in.
> Unfortunately this will keep some interested people out who just
> can't make it to that time. Timezones and work suck. ;)

Sure. It'd be nice if there were daily clue games. 
But right now we have one that is being moderately successful.
And I think it attracts and holds people who would not otherwise
be playing; often Pickled has 12-14 players during the clue games, 
the only time of the week when we regularly have t-mode on two
servers at the same time. And that's even with folks obs'ing the
clue game. 

With a few more regular players, maybe we can get to two per week,
a 100% increase with twice the opportunities for people to 
work it into their schedules. Do we have many European
players who don't play pickup but would play a clue game if it
was in their daytime or evening?