=- Andrew K. Bressen wrote on Mon  2.Apr'07 at 19:34:43 -0400 -=

> But for some of them, they drifted away ten years ago, and now
> have an "oh, yeah, that was pretty cool" reaction. I went to a
> wedding yesterday, and met someone who used to play.

That's fine if you have contact with them already/ for free and
they still like to return on their _own_, otherwise I'd let them
have their peace.

> {...} if we tell someone their favorite college sport needs
> their help to survive, I expect we'll get at least a few people.

If there still is some interest in the game, few will have enough
momentum to join right now to bring it back, but rather jump on
the band-wagon once it's running again, and by that time it will
attract them on their own. But go ahead and try, if you know how
to contact them. I don't know how to reach them all.

> And maybe some of the ones too busy to play will send us some
> advertising cash.

... prepare pointers for such so that they might stumble over it
if they care to browse the pages, but I wouldn't ask them for
money. Interested people who can afford it will do it on their own.

> Can we get even a few of them back?

Probably, but again not by force, but rather attraction through mass.
We'll have to do the preparational ground-work before they return.
(and in this extreme example, I'd prefer such veterans to return
later, when the crowd can take the hot air from such clue again ;)

> Do we have many European players who don't play pickup but would
> play a clue game if it was in their daytime or evening?

Hmm, I might retry after years of no action, but I'd have to
rework my config. :)

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