netrek-server-vanilla 2.13.0 was released.
701ec95935ef5f66c438e55ff481c3e2  netrek-server-vanilla-2.13.0.tar.gz

Summary of changes:

- core change from 10 to 50 frames per second
- refinements made as a result of clue games
- increase in weapon and ship direction information given to clients
- fix transwarp at one update per second bug
- fix several race conditions

Detail of changes:

clue game support
- updates and fixes for pwstats [arumugham]
- add TRADE command [arumugham]
- fix admin commands [arumugham]
- add INL guest motd [arumugham]

- allow muting of any slot, not just observers [arumugham]
- allow excessive messaging from captains [arumugham]
- fix mute for unresolved IP addresses [balcerski]

game design
- fix spelling of Cassiopeia as pointed out by pog [arumugham]
- fix transwarp at one update per second bug [cameron]
- option to restrict dropping on unrepresented third space [balcerski]
- ships enter facing enemy team [balcerski]
- option to allow bases to orbit enemy planets [balcerski]
- practice robot torps made safe for other practice robots [cameron]

- change from 10 to 50 simulation frames per second [cameron, north, et al]
- fix race condition on slot allocation [cameron]
- fix race condition on queue entry allocation [cameron]
- fix race condition on player database growth [cameron]
- add option to terminate game if only observers present [cameron]
- fix restart feature [cameron]

- generic lock implementation using semaphores [cameron]
- add setship test script support program [cameron]
- add orbit entry, orbit path, ship and torp flight test scripts [cameron]
- add simulation single-step feature in setgame test program [cameron]

client protocol changes
- GENERIC_32 [cameron, balcerski]
- reverse host name checking against DNS [arumugham]
- ip address checking against block lists [arumugham]
- FPS [cameron]
- UPS [cameron]

metaserver protocol changes
- report correct player count [arumugham]

- debian build test scripts [cameron]
- debian build fixes [tanner]
- remove files before running libtoolize [thorne]
- fix maintainer-clean target [arumugham]
- MAC OS X compile fix [arumugham]

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